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We're proud of The Petite Entrepreneurs and their stories.  Enjoy reading reviews from some of our fans! 



Our Lady of Grace School Classroom Visits

Andrea Newman is always a pleasure to have as a guest at our school. She works with our schedule and visits several different classrooms and grades, tailoring her book presentation to the different age levels. The students always enjoy spending time with her.  We look forward to your next book. Thank you Andrea!

Amy Rosta - Assistant to the Principal, Our Lady of Grace Catholic School

Kids Review from Barnes & Noble Read Along & Workshop 

When asked, "what do you like most about Elle the Entrepreneur?"
"I like how her recipes are. I like that she never gave up." Age 8
"I like how she wanted to make her own business and she is creative." Age 7  
"I liked how Elle was a little girl. I liked how Elle is kind of like me.." Age 6

5 Star Barnes & Noble Review

Very cute story! Great for boys and girls of all ages. My kids enjoyed the colorful pages and the overall message of the story was very uplifting. Work hard and always follow your dreams! Elle is such a cute little girl so full of hope and excitement for her new job! It is a great story to teach kids about hard work and determination. She saves up her earnings so that she can put the money in her piggy bank! It is so adorable! Her parents were a great example; not only encouraging her, but assisting in making flyers for her new business. It is a cute story and my kids enjoyed reading it and they are 2, 4 &6! It is a little bit of a longer story around 35 pages total of reading, which can be a little much for younger kids but the colorful pictures should keep them interested! - Bookqueen5 4/28/16

5 Star Amazon Review

The quality of this book is truly amazing! It has good sized pages that are much thicker than most children's paperback books (which is beneficial when you are reading to a 5 year old while your 8 month old tries to pull on the pages). The illustrations are very colorful and appealing to young readers. The story is original, interesting, relatable, and full of important values that I strive to instill in my children (examples include but are not limited to: creativity, hard work, resilience, commitment, pride of workmanship, parental support/encouragement/safety). This book is a great gift idea for friends/family and to add to your child(ren)'s library.
I love that this book teaches my daughters that they are capable of being much more than the classic "damsel in distress" princess characters that are so heavily marketed to them in most books, movies, toys, etc.
Overall a wonderful story by a very talented author (and entrepreneur!). We can't wait for the next installment in the Petite Entrepreneurs series!!

5 Star Amazon Review

This book is great for kids. 
Go buy one for you niece or nephew A.S.A.P.

Word Press Review 

Elle also exhibits perseverance and positivity when she is having trouble finding anyone interested in her services. She is a good role model for children having a hard time sticking to things that aren’t immediately successful.

5 Star Good Reads Review

"Ordered through Amazon and the kids loved it! They really liked the pictures and there are a ton of good messages throughout the entire story. I liked how this book showed the kids how important and fun it is to believe in dreams. Will be getting a copy for my neighbors kids too."