Petite Publishing


Our Core Values

Petite Publishing is a family owned and operated independent childrens' book publisher representing The Petite Entrepreneurs. This book series was created to foster important entrepreneurial characteristics children learn at an early age. The Petite Entrepreneurs exemplify: 

  • Entrepreneurial spirit in children

  • Importance of critical thinking

  • Pride developed through working  

  • Passion for creativity

  • Dedication to perseverance

  • Believing in yourself


Petite Publishing was created in 2016 by Andrea B. Newman.  Andrea decided the best representation for the book series was to create an independent publishing arm tailored specifically for growing The Petite Entrepreneurs. 

Book Release Dates 

With excitement growing for additional books in the series, Petite Publishing is working hard to release additional entrepreneurial adventures,  Please look for the upcoming books:

Eva the Entrepreneur / Summer 2016 

Emily the Entrepreneur / Summer 2016 

Erika the Entrepreneur / Fall 2016 

Emma the Entrepreneur / Fall 2016 

How do I order / pre-order?

There are multiple ways you can purchase The Petite Entrepreneurs. 

  • To purchase through this website click here (insert link) 
  • To purchase through Amazon click here (insert link / widget) 
  • To find at one of our local retail partners click here (insert link to list of partner stores)

Any other questions?

Petite Publishing is happy to answer additional questions.  

Please email