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Meet Elle!

In book one of this innovative and spirited series, Elle transforms one of her favorite hobbies, making pretty center pieces, into a little business. With the help of her family and support of friends, she starts her first business, 'Elle's Elegant Tables'. She organizes her idea and creates a plan but most important, Elle believes in herself. Even as a few neighbors say "no thank you" to her flyers, Elle shakes off disappointment, harnesses perseverance and ultimately gets her first customer! Recommended for grades 1-3 but great for all ages! 

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Hi Emily!

Join Emily, her brother Eric and all The Petite Entrepreneurs as they take a Big Bus Tour of San Francisco! During their field trip, the tour leads them through beautiful parts of the city while learning historical facts.  Emily is mesmerized by the incredible architecture of the tall buildings (which makes sense because she loves geometry in school).  Emily begins to imagine where her life can go as she is inspired by the variety of the San Francisco skyline. Recommended for grades 1-3 but great for all ages! 


It's Evan!

Evan and his sister Emma, are enrolled in Summer Science Camp!  This year, the whole class (which is filled with their friends, The Petite Entrepreneurs) are going to use the lessons from Science Camp and enter into their town's 4th of July Paper Airplane Contest!  Along the way, Evan encounters some bullies who make fun of his sister for being in a wheelchair.  Read how Evan and Emma overcome the bullies and see if their paper airplane wins the 4th of July town contest! Recommended for grades 1-3 but great for all ages! Click here to pre-order

Books proudly printed in USA.

Books proudly printed in USA.